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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Iron Man: Did you see the subtitles?

Iron Man is GREAT! Yeap, I predicted this way back when the Iron Man suit made its debut at CES. If you haven't watched it yet, please feel free to watch it now and contribute to the more than US$ 100 million it's grossed already.

And while you're at it, pay attention to the hilarious Malay translation. There's this one scene when the character Stane tells Tony Stark (Iron Man's alter ego): "Tony, now we've got the board right where we want them..." (referring to intrigue with Stark Enterprises board of directors)

Our happy Malay translators helped subtitle this phrase: "Tony, sekarang kita sudah letak papan itu di mana kita mahukan." (Tony, we've put the plank where we want it.)

Context people, context! And Iron Man becomes Orang Besi?

Finally, yes, I'll confirm it's real. That final one minute of footage after you've waited through the seven minutes of credits when everyone's left the cinema? Yeap, it's real. You can probably find it on YouTube somewhere if you succumbed to peer pressure and left the cinema too. Although the link I found yesterday night seems to be down now.

I... quite proudly....despite Lydia's protests... made my wife stay back alone in that empty cinema to catch Samuel L. Jackson's appearance as Nick Fury! Which was awesome.


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

pls pls post up the scene after the credit if u found it. i missed it :(

izzat said...

haha.. dats true..
the subs is little bit ridiculous..haha..
they translate the english words to Malay words,word by word. Lols.

me0wster said...

Wish they would have named it as 'Orang Seterika'. Now that would be better for laughs!

davidlian said...

@kuan: Sure, I'll do that once i find it.
@izzat: "_ but the "board" one was bad. Really.
@me0wster: hahaha... who's secret weapon is the super-heated Iron Man punch. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Buy 'The Day After Tomorrow' dvd and turn on the Malay subtitles.




davidlian said...

@sammy: Hahaha... sigh, we need to train better translators.