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Friday, May 9, 2008

More free music?

In case you haven't heard, Nine Inch Nails has done it again. Their latest album, The Slip is now available for download on the group's official website. Get it here.

Of course, when I exclaimed this aloud in my office, Eevon turned around and asked rather sarcastically: "do you even KNOW who Nine Inch Nails is?" To her great surprise, I did. Ever since they did the soundtrack for Quake (does anyone even remember this?)

My two cents on free music: I love it! Keep up the good work people.


eyeris said...

this album better be good. Ghosts I-IV was utter bollocks.

davidlian said...

Interesting thought... hmmm... does putting music up for free mean that the band doesn't have to worry about quality anymore?

eyeris said...

No... Radiohead's In Rainbows was utterly and completely briliant, and it was available for free (or anything you wanna pay for).

Giving it away for free just means that the band won't have to worry about irate fans banging their door down after paying RM40 for a completely crap album. haha.

davidlian said...

Read my next post dude. What I meant was really... can bands just put anything they want out? Experiment?