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Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog is the new CV?

Lee just exclaimed as we were chatting about a potential hire: "Does he / she have a blog?"

He does have a point. And in fact, I'm sure it happens. So do potential bosses read your blogs like they do your CVs? If so, which becomes more important? And, how do you optimise your CV in order to be a more attractive hire?


Keif said...

another grey area to thread as everyone blog for different reasons...if the blog is meant to market oneself then i guess its an add value but if its meant for something really personal then maybe it can be to the potential hire's disadvantage...thin line between professional and personal

Kimberlycun said...

some of my clients read my personal blog. im glad i didnt scare em away. lol

davidlian said...

@keif: that's exactly what's happening with this trend. It used to be people went online to be anonymous. They could have different identities in different forums. Today, its becoming the exact opposite. The concept of unified identity and the fact that privacy is voluntarily given up on the web is what makes this exciting times. :) You're right that professional and personal is blurring. In fact, it's blurred.
@kimberlycun: LoL! I often wonder if I would have been hired if people spotted my blog and read my horrendous command of Engrish.

David Cheong said...

Hmmm I don't really know if my boss knows that I blog but still thank god I ain't a popular blogger haha!

but even if they do, I don't mind because I rarely blog about office stuffs and personal ones so i'm fine with it...

Kamigoroshi said...

Yes and no. I have plenty of friends who use their blog as their portfolio and as an addition to their resume. However, these are people in the design and programing business where the internet is important to their work. Two I can name offhand are http://diaryofawebsite.com and http://leliathomas.com

Both of them blend personal thoughts and commentary with their work showcasing it alongside their blog.

It's fair to say that it fits perfectly well with what they do and they are successful on promoting their work through their blogs as a medium of communication.

However, people like myself where the this kind of personal commentary isn't vital to our work, sometimes our blog can be detrimental to future employment. In my case, any employer googling my name in the search for references to journal papers I would have published would undoubtedly find my blog first. Depending on how I play out the next few years, it could be an embarrassment to my profession.