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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The truth behind Song Festival

Tomorrow (actually later today), four groups from my church will compete against one another in a battle of song and music.

But only to those who know little better.

You see, the truth is, though all four groups may seem to sing to win or to outdo one another, we're really all singing for one purpose - that those who hear may come to know Christ and his saving grace.

Tomorrow (actually later today), from mine own mouth will come the words "No condemnation..." and it's not the tune that makes it beautiful. It's the profound understanding that though we once stood condemned because of our sin, we are now condemned no more because of Christ's blood.

If there is one truth, it is the surety that you will die. And die because of the surety that you have committed sin - whether lies, or theft, or lust, or laziness, or gluttony, or anger or jealousy. But in this one truth is also the truth that Jesus Christ lives, and he lives so you too can live.

It's quite funny how the free gifts are the gifts that we value the least. Yes, it's free for us, but God paid ever so dearly. So this is why we sing, because together, we describe the love God has had for us, and challenge our own reply.

"What shall be your answer?"

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