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Friday, August 24, 2007

Bloggers are monkeys

So here's something I wanted to post about since I heard over Buzz Out Loud last week, but never really gotten down to doing it. Or maybe because, like Tom Merritt says, I didn't want to be baited into fueling some "protest" driven publicity for this Brazillian newspaper.

But since, like in the world of Public Relations, publicity dies down so fast, it's been nearly a week and I'd like to draw our attention to this particular ad campaign:

Yeap. The above seems to be real conclusive evidence that bloggers are monkeys....who just copy content and paste links to stories done by other "real" journalists. Which is precisely what I'm doing now, right?


It's true people. We're monkeys. You, me and Derrick.

We don't have any original content to contribute to the web. All we have is re-processed and re-cycled posts.

So thank you nameless Brazillian Newspaper. Thank you for enlightening us and revealing to us the truth of what we really are. Thank you for finally proving to the world that bloggers are monkeys.


Mei said...

It's actually for a website as seen in the last frame, "estado.br", something or rather.

The take home message is that no one should settle for copy pasted info on the worldwide web :) And those who do, are [also] monkeys.

Hope this helps.

davidlian said...

Nah... this was widely covered in the WWW Blogosphere.

Are you working for a PR Agency now? Take home messages?