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davidlian is an ultra-geeky chinese dude that works for a technology PR agency. He loves fiddling with techno-toys, plays Warhammer 40K, and shoots pictures wherever he goes. Here, he rants about PR, Technology and anything else. Don't expect balance and un-biased, he ain't no journalist. Anything said on this blog are solely davidlian's personal views. Don't confuse them with company mantra, client's views or views of any organisation he may be part of.


Monday, August 6, 2007

A Picture A Day

That's the title of my revived Vox site. I've always wanted to do picture-blogging and somehow it never seemed right to intersperse my regular posts here with those sort of posts.

What's really enabled this is the direct post-to-Vox feature on my N95 + my favourite Maxis 3G so I can snap a quick pic and post it up instantly with whatever thoughts are on my mind.

Check that out here: http://davidlian.vox.com.

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