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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Media list for sale!

No, not mine. But it's amazing the kind stuff you can buy on eBay nowadays.

Checkout this posting for a Advertising Newspaper Media List.

A media list is usually regarded as a PR / Ad / Media Buying agency's rice bowl (or pasta bowl, depending on where you're from) and it takes a lot for any agency to share you their full media list.

Thus it's ironic that someone has gone ahead and posted this onto eBay. Of course, it's entirely legal if the list was compiled on their own free time. But if the seller pinched it off his own agency, that's illegal.

Here's the pitch from the seller:

Use this list to contact newspapers for all your advertising needs and media information. All 955 newspaper has names, addresses, and phone numbers

List was compiled in 2006.

It is 26 pages long and in alphabetic order with newspaper name, address, phone number.

You will have access to the most popular list in the United States.
Get your list and start making contacts.

For a limited time only get shipping for $1.00.


I'd be interested to know if he actually manages to sell it.

Hey, if you're looking to start a PR / Advertising / Media Buying outfit in the US, this might be a good first investment for the low-low price of just US$9.99 (+ $1 shipping, of course).


Wern-Yi said...

So ... it would be in hardcopy? That's a bummer!

davidlian said...

I dunno. With the current advances in scanning technology, I don't think turning the hardcopy into softcopy will be too difficult.