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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


In the interest of full disclosure, let me first say my day job is to do public relations work on behalf of Nokia, through Text 100 their public relations agency. The following is my wholly, totally biased opinion.

Word's leaking around the net with regards to Nokia's just beta-ed Social Networking experiment - MOSH. Funny name I know, but I really love the concept. What MOSH promises is to bring social networking into your mobile device - i.e. your mobile phone or multimedia computer (if you own an Nseries device). Think of it like Friendster, or MySpace, or Facebook. You have your obligatory photo, video, music sharing.

But what I find most interesting about MOSH is the ability to share games and applications through the site. In fact, I just downloaded a working version of Nokia Wireless Presenter (which is free off the Nokia website if you dig deep enough anyway).

Why this is interesting for me is because this allows us to share more forms of content then ever. A recommended game, or a useful application. And when you click on those small little icons for the apps, you get to discuss those apps, let others know if it worked or didn't work for you and discuss them.

This opens the possibility of very targeted conversations going on in the MOSH space where people aren't just discussing a collection of photos, but applications, games and documents. It also opens up interesting questions on intellectual property, but I'm sure Nokia has found a way to safeguard that as with all other sharing sites.

Still, the biggest thing for me is the ability to bring it mobile, open an app that sits on my multimedia computer and get a tailor-made interface that works great for how I want to connect.

Oh, PS. I can invite people to join, apparently. Let me know if you want an invite to the Beta. Or if you already joined, add me: davidlian, to your network.

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