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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New MALAYSIAN tech podcast for my ears...

I've confessed previously what a big fan of podcasting I am. In fact, podcasts have replaced the radio completely for me.

What I've been looking forward to though is for a truly local tech podcast to break through and set the ball rolling in Malaysia. Murmurings at KLTweetup seemed to indicate that more than one large tech personality in Malaysia was looking into it and then on Monday, I discovered TheITChannel.

Podcast - Share on Ovi

Hosted by @mikefoong and @andrewkjs (and supposedly, in future episodes @thechannelc) of Twitter fame, the inaugral episode covers Earth Hour, Maxis iPhone launch and DiGi's Broadband launch - all from a really local tech-head viewpoint. It's a great listen and the hosts are suitably Malaysian (not at all pretentious with western accents). I think it'll stay on my podcast list for a while.

Meantime, I'm also looking forward to ByteBot's podcast when that comes around. It's starting to looks like it's going to be the year Malaysian podcasting takes off.


John Ong said...

David, I have been doing the same quest of looking for more Malaysian locally produced podcasts since 2004.

I live the USA. Malaysian still. I started podcasting in 2004. One of the very early pioneer podcasters. I have done a few attempts to get podcasting rolling so many time.

I hope you'll be able to help me with my quest. For about 2 years I set up a website specifically for Malaysian Podcasters, http://Siaran.net
I'm looking for more contents. If you come across any, please let me know.

You can write me at ongline (at) gmail.com

Or send me a tweet @johnong


davidlian said...

@John Ong: Thanks man. Your site sure looks interesting. I'll let Mike know and maybe he can get you to list his podcast there.

DK said...

Checking out TheITChannel now. Sounds great. :)