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Monday, April 13, 2009

Apology accepted.

The Malay Mail published an apology for taking without prior information or permission blog posts from ShaolinTiger and myself. I'd like to say here that they did the right thing in apologising and I hope that this little incident in some (small) way contributes to a more professional relationship between blogs and the broader media industry.

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For my part, I've no problems with people taking my stuff, quoting me or using content found on my site. I'd just like to be asked first. So there, that's the policy. If you need to take more than three paragraphs from my blog, please ask me. If you want to just quote me here and there, I really don't mind as it's fair use - just credit me properly. After all, we live in the age and culture of sharing don't we?


suanie said...

kudos to malay mail.

Erna said...

Nice, at least they bothered to do that.

KY said...

They really did the right thing. :D

Dabido said...

How dare they apologise!!! I'm going to sue them!!! :-)

Just kidding.

Swiping large chunks without permission is copyright infringement, but if they just quote you and reference where they got it from then asking permission is just a curtesy.

ShaolinTiger said...

Yah, they should have paid us columnist fees + apology = lagi best!

davidlian said...

@suanie: Kudos indeed.
@Erna: Yups.
@KY: They did.
@Dabido: They do know what copyright infringement is, it turns out.
@Shaolintiger: From the last email, looks like they are open to a full-time columnist gig for you man!