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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can't fight Gravity

Do you know why an apple fell on Isaac Newton's head?

Because he was sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Okay, lame joke aside, this post is about Gravity, that long awaited twitter client for S60 (3rd ed or 5th ed) that was just released yesterday. The news is, I've just gone out and bought it. Yup, probably the best RM 38.23 I've paid for a mobile app.

Gravity - Share on OviGravity - Share on Ovi

What I liked about Gravity:
- It's very, very fast to load and start-up
- but still maintains a swish-looking yet clean interface
- easy access to pictures and instant twitpicking (yes! now pictures from my N96 straight to twitter!)
- 'Kinetic' scrolling (the one where scrolling gets faster and faster as you hold on to the key or tap the screen)
- Big tabs for Search, Contacts etc. and little tabs you can scroll sideways for other menus.

What I would like to add to Gravity:
- How do I post my GPS data from Gravity? It should be there...but I'm not getting how to do it.
- Font-size changes
- More integration with S60 OS (e.g. add an option to the context menu of the camera app to twitpick a just-taken photo).

Gravity - Share on OviGravity - Share on Ovi

That said, I think Gravity in its first iteration has already covered all the basics and got them exceedingly right. Well done! I can foresee myself tweeting a lot more from my mobile now.

On a side-note on twitter, I was at #KLTweetup last Friday. It was a pretty good meetup and especially fantastic to finally put faces to all those random KL tweeters I follow. Pictures can be found here.

In fact, it was so successful, the folks behind it have started planning for a second one. Sign up here.

If you go, we may bump into each other.


KY said...
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KY said...

Almost RM 40.. ermmm.. i wonder if i could use it on both phones.. or would it be good on the 5800

davidlian said...

One license per user so I guess it might cover that. But then again, it's linked to the phone's IMEI. Twitter the developer at @janole and ask him. :)