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Thursday, December 11, 2008

You are your DNS

A story on Jon Udell's blog interested me a couple weeks back. It was about the concept of having your personal information stored on DNS (Domain Name System - e.g. "google.com")

The base idea is that your DNS like "davidlian.com" for example, can be the repository for your contact information. So, instead of dialing my mobile number, you can input "davidlian.com" and press call.

This doesn't change your contact information. My mobile number is still my mobile number. My email is still my email. But the DNS centralises all these pieces of contact information.

Taking this a step further, what I'd like to see is context aware applications and data-entry fields that can detect what you're trying to do. So if I key in "davidlian.com" on my mobile number, it will dial me on my mobile. If I key in "davidlian.com" in an email field, it will send me an email. If I enter "davidlian.com" on my web browser, it brings me to my webpage.

So to get in touch with me, all you'd have to do is remember "davidlian.com".

Of course, as simple and intuitive as it sounds, I think there will be challenges to privacy and security. Arguably, you can already find almost anyone connected to the internet via Google or Yahoo; but the ease of just entering someone's DNS and instantly reaching them reveals a whole new level of privacy and security concerns.

Still, I like the sound of this concept and I think if worked on, it could well be something for the future.


3POINT8 said...

the idea of centralization. Yea, its a pretty cool concept so as long as they don't abuse the system (which rarely happens)

davidlian said...

Trust me, anything social media is abused. Did you read about the eBay promotion that got sooooooo..... abused?

Anonymous said...

It's not necessary to be a DNS, an OpenID will do and it's doing it, e.g. you can find my vCard if you visit: http://id.yclian.com/me

Adoption is always an issue, however.


davidlian said...

Why is my cousin so clever? Hahaha... Yeah, half my job is to try to convince people to adopt stuff I'm excited about.