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Friday, December 12, 2008

The thing about mashups and UGC

A while back, in the marketing world, UGC (user generated content) was the catchword. Every other marketing campaign had "UGC this" and "UGC that". I didn't get the big deal about this, until now.

Me & Jens mashup.jpg - Share on Ovi
It's really fun! For context, check out Eevon's blog here.


eevon said...


Min said...

That's just wrong! WRONG! You couldn't let me have 24 hours of undoctored fantasy?!

Woman said...

~_~" kaduvale....

davidlian said...

@Eevon: What? You originated it.
@Min: You can. Just go load up the undoctored picture on your own blog and pretend you never saw this. :p
@Woman: What's kaduvale?

KY said...

HAHAHAH you got the correct color collar too!