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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nokia Insider, take a bow

Malaysia PR Awards 2008 - Tech Campaign of the Year - Share on Ovi
Yesterday night was pretty awesome right up to the point where the Emcee started announcing the Technology Campaign finalists. Then the butterflies started fluttering. I thought I'd had a premonition that we didn't win. The night became good again in about 5 minutes.

The purpose of this post? Nokia Insider was actually about more people than the two who went up on stage. I'd prepared some key talking points (secretly, in my N96) but tradition dictated we didn't do an acceptance speech. So let me do this here:

To the client, Hazel - Thanks for your support and more importantly trusting us to run a campaign like this. Like many things done the first time, not many clients would have been willing to take the risk, but Nokia did and we're glad for it. More to come next year, for sure. A shout out to Joanne here too for all the support she's given (you know what that is).

To the Insiders - Suanie, KY, ST, Kim, Smashpop, Paul, Erna, FriedBeef, Su Ann, Goldfries - thanks for the kind words. I hope the programmes worked as well as we set out to do and that you've gained as much as we have from your honest feedback and great enthusiasm. It's what's made this programme a success.

Of course, to the rest of the blogosphere - you know who you are and we hope you've enjoyed participating in the stuff we've done.

Finally, to my colleagues at Text 100 Malaysia - Vicky, Eevon and Libby - wait till Christmas for a surprise!

Fa la la la la, la la la la!

PS. I also wanted to tip a hat at those guys from Fleishman-Hillard sitting across the room. :) Okaylah, not "those guys", but ex-colleagues okay? Great work and kudos on your TWO wins! Nico especially, you should be super proud!


suanie said...

congratulations to text 100!

davidlian said...

Thanks Suan! :)

KY said...

congratulations to you and text100, the award is well deserved!

davidlian said...

@KY: Thanks!

ShaolinTiger said...

Congrats to you and the team, you guys deserve it!

davidlian said...

@ST: Thanks man - you're awesome too... or I might have had to hike back home in the middle of the night from Uptown one of those days...

Anonymous said...

david lian, i love you for this! regards, nico

goldfries said...

congratulations to you guys!

sorry, saw the article a little late but better than never. :D