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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Windows must become Mac OS

There's been a bit of commentary lately that the next version of Windows (Windows 7) is starting to look more and more like Apple's own Mac OS. Of course, in one corner you'll have smirking Mac users thinking "we told you so"; but I'm seeing this as Microsoft's best move in a market where Apple has been steadily gaining ground.

The idea is simple. Microsoft needs to make its move now while it is still the majority operating system bar none, and if users are switching to Apple for the swish "dock" interface, slick shortcuts and cleaner looking design, the it just makes perfect sense for Microsoft to defend its turf by providing the exactly the same.

Windows 7 2.jpg - Share on Ovi

If the Mac OS is what people want, Microsoft seems more than willing to give people the Mac OS - with all the same compatibility and familiarity of Windows that so many people have grown up on. Windows Seven already looks packed with Mac genes by the bucketloads.

Of course, the die hards out there will argue that Windows needs to retain its own DNA and be different from Apple. I disagree.

By reducing the feature-set differences between Windows Seven and the Mac OS, and adding new ones in most cases, Microsoft leaves very little room for people to see the differences in the operating systems. This equals less reasons for people to want to go down the Mac OS route.

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Believe me, I've tried playing around with Ubuntu on my netbook (I know, Ubuntu isn't Mac), and I loved the interface I had configured  - with dock and all. It was very Mac like. However, after a couple of weeks, I switched back to Windows XP. The reason - I wanted to play Fallout 2 and getting that to run on Ubuntu was a tedious process.

So Microsoft, Windows 7 IS looking good. Don't let those naysayers whine about you copying Apple. Just do your thing and copy the Mac OS. Your consumers love it.


lainie said...

If Windows works on their display it'll definitely help - i recently switched to Mac, and the first thing i noticed was how much better the typography is.

that being said, a lot of open source apps that caught my eye have been Mac-only, particularly font managers and certain text editors.

davidlian said...

Hey Lainie,

Yeah, I know what you mean. But Cleartype isn't so bad. :) Oh, trust me, there's a lot of open source Windows stuff too and a slew more for Linux.

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is a little bit of topic here, but Fallout 2?! Oh, so very sweet memories of that game.. where'd you get it? My copy's been missing since 1999.
Unless of course, you're actually referring to Fallout 3, in which case, I hate your guts (jealous cos my laptop's outta date). What specs are needed to run it?

davidlian said...

@johnlim: Nope, Fallout 2. If I could get Fallout 3 to run on my Eee PC, that'll be the sign I have latent superpowers.

Fallout 3 runs great on my Desktop with a E6600 Intel Core Duo processor, Nvidia 8800 GTS graphics card and 3 Gigs of RAM.