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Friday, November 28, 2008

Do you really want my hair to look like this?

So I just got back last night from watching Twilight with my wife and she turns to me and says: "Dear, do you want to keep your hair longer and restyle it?"

I tread with trepidation: "... (pause)... why?"

"So you can look like Edward - don't you think his hair is great?"

At this point, I agree with Eyeris that Twilight was High School Musical 3 with vampires. I didn't really fancy the show but my wife was gushing all over the eerie-looking but cool vampires. Oh, did I tell you how excited she was when Edward was sparkling in the sun - "Like diamonds, hoh, dear?" Apparently, for the ladies, vampires no longer melt in horrid ash when exposed to sunlight. No, they just sparkle like diamonds.

Well, I guess that's just the difference between boys and girls. And probably what makes my wife an exceedingly fun person to talk to.

But really, dear, are you sure you want my hair to look like this? *shivers*


Kimberlycun said...

hehehehehehe yes would love to see your hair like that david!

Akonana99090 said...

replying to:

SOrry, I've not even had time to visit my blog for the whole week. What's funny about it? Should I go revise my disclosure policy?

no no David, it's fine. it's very you. personalized. that's why got lulz factor. :D

btw so sweet you and your wife! hehe...

www.chaborkia.com (lazy change account)

curryegg said...

Hey David! It is cool to try new hairstyle and I think it is 'cooooool'!



eMz said...

i think i'm one of the few individuals that think that Twilight is overrated. hahaha

suanie said...

that's gg to be a lot of hair gel

KY said...

do it!

davidlian said...

@kim: You and my wife. :)
@yahui: Lulz factor? I need to check.
@curryegg: My hair needs to grow longer first.
@eMZ: No you're not. I thought it was overrated too.
@Suanie: Ya, with Gel prices these days...unaffordable.
@KY: Sorry...but no. Haha...