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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Facebook wants you to translate it into BM

It seems localisation efforts for Facebook are already underway, and in times of economic crisis, who do you turn to? Why, your fans of course - for cheap labour.

So the latest cool Web 2.0 mechanism Facebook is letting you "participate" in is to help it translate the network into bahasa Malaysia. Want to contribute some of your free time, just click on here.

Translate facebook.bmp - Share on Ovi

Personally, I'll be watching. I think its too much to ask of your average Facebooker. But who knows? Perhaps there'll be a hundred Facebookers who are more than willing to do this? Perhaps it'll just be the one?

Either way, this will be an interesting case to test the boundaries of "Web 2.0 participation." Yes, we know people want to participate. But how much? And in what manner?

Translating English to BM is just not my cup of coffee.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

i dont think i need it in bm as well haha

PakciQue said...

Yup...kdg2 beberapa perkara lebih nampak elok dalam bahasa inggeris..


ShaolinTiger said...

The funny thing is..the first time it asked me, it asked me in BM.

I had no idea what it was on about.

davidlian said...

@shaolintiger: That's the brilliance of Facebook for you.
@crazy:neither do I.
@pakcique: bukumuka or should it be mukabuku?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it will let me help translate it?

Kore wa Facebook desu ka?

Dabido said...

That last comment was mine BTW. It didn't seem to register my Name/URL the first time!
Stoopid computers!!!

davidlian said...

LoL! Why not? Try it!