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Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes, Pak Lah, the direct membership to BN is a good move...

I'm not one for much political discourse, but I just wanted to express my support for Pak Lah's idea of creating open membership direct to BN.

Unlike what most of the people in the news reports say, I don't see this as a threat to the identity of any one party within BN. I mean, I could still join MCA if I wanted to join a Chinese party within BN. But giving people the choice of direct membership into BN is a great way of gauging support for non-racial politics (something we suspect a lot of the new generation is into) and remaining relevant to that crowd without jeopardising the identities of the component parties.

Let's try this out okay, guys? And no, this doesn't mean I would like to join BN.


KY said...

but why do you still want MCA, what's this whole Chinese thing anyway? Can't we all just be Malaysian now?

This whole "race" thing should be thrown away especially when it comes to managing a country. We took pity in South Africa during the apartheid didn't we?

Yatz said...

well said ky..well said..

davidlian said...

@ky: Same lah. That's why I applaud Pak Lah's proposal. But, it's not a one-step transition away from race-based politics. Which is why I think the direct entry to BN makes sense coz those people who are anti race-politics can go for that option. And of course, if then the majority of people are in BN directly but not in any component party, then we have our verdict that Malaysians are rejecting race-based politics.