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Thursday, October 16, 2008

When your soon-to-be Prime Minister Twitters...

I just saw this from Suan and immediately went to check out Datuk Seri Najib's Twitter page. It made me laugh, yes, but at some points, it also made me scratch my head with incredulity. Look at this post:

Najib Twitter.jpg - Share on Ovihttp://twitter.com/NajibRazak/statuses/958750464

What's he doing twittering while answering questions in Parlimen? Suan's got a great parody of this twitter here.

As a communicator by trade, it made me think about the meta of the DPM stepping into the social media realm. Deputy Prime Minister or not, suddenly his very virtual person on the web could be engaged, critiqued and discussed without the same level of tact you'd think he'd receive in the real world.

Are leaders putting themselves at risk of ridicule when they seek to engage the savvy web-community without a proper plan? People made fun of 1malaysia.com.my. And this Twitter feed looks like its there for being there's sake. As off today, it has 16 followers and 0 friends. Not likely to spur a lot of conversation. Might want to try following some people first?

Maybe the DPM has a game plan. Maybe it will unfold in time. But frankly, at this point of time, it just seems like an ill-informed attempt to get into the social media space and NOT really engage anyone.



fooi said...

Well, I guess it is a political movement by them. Let us wait and see what is gonna to unfold in the future... :)

kitkat said...

well, maybe that not najib
the o_O is too childish to be our DPM.. hoho

davidlian said...

@fooi: I'm going to take a gander and guess - nothing.
@kitkat: It's the DPM alright, the Twitter feed is linked to his website. It's also got a YouTube channel and Flickr!

blogjunkie said...

aiyo.. he must be jumping on the Obama bandwagon

then again, at least his campaign manager is giving it a try..

davidlian said...

@blogjunkie: Campaign manager needs to try harder. No pun intended.