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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So now, I'm a "designer" boardgamer

No, that doesn't mean I've suddenly turned a creative spark and started dabbling in the making of beautiful art.

It means I've sloshed out a fair sum for a "pricier than normal" boardgame. Just like clothes have Guccis to your Giordanos, so too does boardgames have Descent: Journeys in the Dark to Monopoly.

Descent: Journey in the Dark - Share on Ovi
And a look into the actual contents:

Descent: Journey in the Dark - Share on Ovi
Loads of plastic miniatures (sorry, cardboard cut outs don't cut it for me anymore these days). Heavy cardstock modular gameboard. And good quality  game cards. I must say that there's nothing more satisfying than opening a brand new box of unopened goodies. "New toy" smell is like crack for geek gamers.

So why a designer boardgame? Well, for one, time is becoming a scarcity so a complex enough game that finishes in 3 - 4 hours is a great resource to have for those rare days you get to play games (like, five times a year).

Secondly, put it down to the fact that I'm middling in age (and waist), but I've also got to consider activities I can spend time doing with my wife. And there's no way she'll ever consider playing Warhammer 40k with me. So beggars can't be choosers.

Okay, I'm going to go leaf through the rulebook a bit now. It looks interesting - like Diablo on the board. Full review when I actually get a game in.


Johnny Ong said...

can see that u have free time lately to venture into such board game ..... of late, i dont even have time for my pc games anymore ... sigh

davidlian said...

Not that I have time. It's just an opportune "buy it now at a discount or forever hold your peace" moment. So I bought it. Now wondering when I'll ever have the time or find the friends to play with.

Spectre said...

lol! THE DEMON LORD IS envy !

3POINT8 said...

I should invest myself in a board game too.

davidlian said...

@spectre @3Point8: Well, you guys are welcome to play with me anytime :)

Stylerz Derrick Chan XxX said...

Hey bro... finally found ur blog... Hmm... i wander how u make that "davidlian says....."??? Hmm.. Leave me comment on my chat box at my blog,xxstylerzboyzxx.blogspot.com

KY said...

you geek!

Zeeman said...


you...are...such...a....GEEK! a kewl one nonetheless! You're really a REEEL gamer!

BTW, I was surprised that you actually took time to read the crap up on my blog...heheh.

Errr...how do you feel? really? We should get together one of these days...BTW do you know anyone who has property up for rent in Penang? Thinking of moving there?

Johnny Ong said...

so, u have bought something which u dont have time for it??? hehe. very common thingy for lots of people haha

davidlian said...

@derrick: Sure!
@KY: Come play with me too.
@Zeeman: Haha... whenever you're free man. Where are you now?
@Johnny: Uh huh. I'm just a common, common person.

Atchucan said...

hey bro
try checking out the borad game called GAMES OF THE GENERALS
(real cool board game)