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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Talk about competitors

The cardinal rule in public relations is not to comment on your competitors, whether good or bad. If you must, at least praise them. 

So while Microsoft is going off and talking about why Vista is still a decent operating system, Apple decides to go poke fun at Microsoft's attempts by releasing two new advertisements last week.

Will this sort of "dirty" tactic drive consumers away in disgust? I guess it should, but I doubt anyone will bother. But don't worry Vista, you have my sympathy.


Lainie said...

i think they're funny, but i'm getting rather tired of the "us" vs "them" ads. personally, i wish apple would come up with a new brilliant concept, and leave the bashing to the fans :P

it's been such a bother as well trying to find posts that talk about the performance of the new line of macbooks, as opposed to how pretty they are.

davidlian said...

LoL! I think Apple's just mean!

Anonymous said...

Why is it a cardinal rule? I think as long as its true and its relevant to the topic of the day it should be alright. Customers want to hear the truth, and not just spin. :-)

Honesty leads to transparency. PR today hides behind a very thick wall of pretty words