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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What are the chances...

...of finding yourself talked about in a funky site you've never known about? Check the below out.
As I was just going through my traffic analysis, I found that a couple of people were directed to my Happy Event post through this story. Firstly, it looks like a great site dedicated to Hula Hooping, but for them to pick up that Happy Blogger event we had last week and post a story about it? Short of an inside job (so who did it?), I'm simply amazed at how stories get around the internet.

I'm surprised they even used Jason's face as the lead picture...hmmm....did you have anything to do with this?


smashpOp said...

wtf! me? no! lol

kimberlycun said...

told u the hoops were wrong! must use the heavy duty bamboo ones! heheh

davidlian said...

Hhmmppfff.... Well, blame Carrefour, they sold us the Hoops. LoL!

Linus Linnaeus said...

hahahaha...lucky i was not there to make a fool of myself...but then i missed out on all the fun too.... :( hey david...pop by my blog...i m a happy blogger too now!

:P Linus

KY said...

wah, very weird. haha

davidlian said...

Linus: Checked your blog, you have my vote for free. Haha!!!

KY: Yeah, we're being stalked. How'd they come up with a story like that also I dunno.