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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Elections Brand Plagiarism

There's a sub-culture in urban states (like the US and even here in Kuala Lumpur) called "Brand Plagiarism or Logo Culture" where you take the logo of a known brand and turn it into your own message.

Some brand-guardians think this is flattery, others are mortified by such butchery of their brands.

I'm just wondering how Celcom is feeling right now:

Pas Territory

Was driving past this yesterday night. They even used the bird symbol! LoL!


Kimberlycun said...

hahahhahahah best!

davidlian said...

Lol... I surfed to your facebook story, more best!

doink said...

so much for creativity. hehe .. i wonder if celcom can actually make a legal pursuit over this.

thanks for dropping by my blog =)

pinksterz said...

hahaha wtf! LOL!

davidlian said...

@doink: no problem. Mountain Bikers need to stay united.

@pinksterz: my reaction, exactly.