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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Latest Paint Jobs: Saint Celestine & Brother Captain Davion

Besides visiting people and disseminating Ang Pows, I spent my Chinese New Year painting some. Actually, these two have been projects for about three weeks now and it's just that I got some time during Chinese New Year to put the finishing touches to them.

Here they are... together with some self-written fluff (backgrounds).

Saint Celestine
She's the living icon of the Sisters of Battle and the Ordo Hereticus. A repentia (think crazy suicidal woman) that met her death in battle but miraculously came back to life. In gaming terms, she's an overcosted special character that gets to come back to life as long as she keeps passing leadership tests.

Painting-wise, I used thhe standard three-layer technique (basecoat, Highlight 1 and Highlight 2), together with Chestnut Ink for the Burnished Gold armor and a Flesh Wash for the fleshy bits. The most challenging part was making the fiery effect of the sword, which I still haven't mastered, and adding gloss varnish to the Lava streams on the base so as to create the "wet" effect.

Saint Celestine - Front

Saint Celestine - Back

Brother-Captain Davion
This is your standard Grey Knight Hero model, remodeled with a Psycannon instead of the standard storm-bolter. I needed an avatar on the field of battle and so I made him Davion (a derivative of my name lah). Haven't come up with a fluff story for him yet.

I love static grass, and all my Grey Knights are based with liberal amounts of Static Grass because it contrasts great with the mechanical looking grey-steel armour. Best thing I love about painting grey knights is the liberal amount of inking and drawing I get to do with my felt tip pen. All the icons are hand drawn, as is his insignia.

Grey Knight Davion - Front

Grey Knight Davion - Back

That's it for this update! Let me know what you think?


eevon said...

Sniff sniff...poor Grimgor Iron Hide...all alone, in a dark place, unpainted...

davidlian said...

LoL. Sorry lah... I promise to come to him in due time.