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Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanted: Hitman to kill two dogs

Have you heard about the one where a bounty is put on the heads of two dog?

"The two sniffer dogs instrumental in the seizure of fake optical discs worth RM10 million now carry a price on their heads.

It is learnt that an undisclosed bounty has been put up by syndicate bosses.

"Following the successful raid at a shopping complex in Johor Baru on Tuesday, sources informed the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs that syndicate members are looking for the dogs," the ministry’s enforcement assistant director, Firdaus Zakaria, said yesterday.

"The dogs are a genuine threat to the pirated disc syndicates, thus the instruction to eliminate them."
- New Straits Times, 23 March 2007

Read the full story here.

Apparently, the underworld has put a price on the heads of both canines. I wonder how much? SPCA Malaysia should get someone to look into this.

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