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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Take that! MidValley / I want a bike!

So I survived my first day of parking at MidValley (post-rate-increase) with flying colours. And here's the evidence:

Exhibit #A: A parking ticket that shows I entered and exited just on the dot.

Take that, MidValley Management! No, I'm not sore that parking rates have gone up. I'm just sore about the fact that they made no option for an alternative, and the whole thing just reeks of moneymaking.

What I'm really interested in doing now is getting a bike to cycle to work. It seems like a solution that's going to work for me from multiple angles:

1. I save money.
With the RM 7 I'm paying everyday, I could afford a bicycle if I could save that money over four months. Not to mention petrol costs.

2. I lose weight
Yup. Cycling is one of the best fat-burning activities out there. Why waste money paying the gym to let you cycle on the spot for hours when you can be freewheeling through town with your little own set o' wheels?

3. I save the environment
Yeah, a cliche. But saving the environment is really something we all should be doing.
Plus, it adds a little "feel good" factor.

So, anyone with a second-hand mountain bike they'd like to unload for RM 600 or so?


suanie said...

I wish I could cycle to work. Not that I have bike to begin with, but if it was an option I would def buy a bike. Save on parking cost, mileage, petrol...

Unfortunately my position requires me to do some impromptu traveling :(

Aput said...

First question, far away are you from Mid Valley.

Yeah, I recently found out about the increase in parking prices there last weekend. Almost crapped in my pants after learning I may have had to spend 9 bucks on parking. Fortunately, it was supposed to start on Monday, so I'm safe...

davidlian said...

suanie: you know what, about the impromptu travelling? You can catch a cab. believe me, I'm always running around for my job, and I find that - out of midvalley - catching a cab is so much easier.

aput: Thank your lucky stars mate! On Tuesday, I was working overtime to avoid the extra costs and I thought it'd be a flat RM 1 after 6 pm(didn't read the fine print). So, I timed myself to exit and re-enter every 3 hours. But, they still charge RM 1 for every hour after 3 even after 6 pm, and I ended up with an RM 6 bill. drats :(

I live in Bangsar, so I don't think it's an unreasonable distance.

Mana said...

Good words.