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Monday, March 26, 2007

Curses! Parking fees skyrocket at MidValley

Yup, it's finally official. MidValley parking rates have gone up today from just RM 1 for the whole day to a maximum of RM 7 daily, depending on how long you park. The new rate means you pay RM 1 for the first three hours and RM 1 for each subsequent hour, up to a maximum of RM 7.

Is this going to affect shoppers? I'm sure we'd see a more frequent cycle of people coming in and out of Midvalley. But it's not going to really affect shoppers as they will most likely still pay RM1. So MidValley won't lose shoppers by the bucket loads to 1 Utama or other competing shopping malls.

BUT, does this affect office workers? YES! Management somehow has decided that only 4 season parking lots will be given to each floor of each building at the boulevard. Yup, you've read it right. FOUR. Which each floor averaging 10 or so workers, the majority of whom drive, this is a major bummer for office workers like myself.

But the one thing that really miffs me about this is that management have not provided an alternative. It's pay or don't park. There isn't even an open air carpark that's 500 m away that I can park in and walk to work from. So, people like me who have not gotten the season pass will just have to cough up seven times the amount, to come to work everyday.

And what about the promoter girls, cashiers etc. who work at Midvalley? I rest my case.


suanie said...

Hohoh that sucks. I'm glad I'm no longer working there :D

Now I pay RM 100 a month, and I consider that cheap :D

I feel for you (and my ex colleagues!!)

davidlian said...

Thanks for the sympathy.

Yes it does suck. I mean, it's fine if you raise the price: just charge a flat RM 2 a day and you'll double the revenue and possibly triple the profits.

Going for the RM7 a day on poor office folks is just pure exploitation. And leaving us with no alternative summore.

jl said...

Just a suggestion - you can park at a nearby KTM Komuter station and hop on a train to Midvalley. The fare is reasonable ~ RM1 from Sentral.