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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PR people smile too much?

Was just having breakfast with an editor friend this morning and somehow, the conversation turned back towards work. My friend (let's call him D for dude), said something about PR people being all the same that kind of struck a chord with me.

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As best as I can recall, that part conversation went like this:

Me: So how's are you finding the PR agencies in XXX country?
D: Well, they are all the same lah.
Me: What do you mean?
D: Haha... all PR people always come across as happy, chirpy people who smile too much and sound too cheerful.
Me: Ya what, what do you expect them to do?
D: Well, it does make sense as its part of their job, but this means everyone sounds the same.
[Me, thinking: This is food for thought]

Which is what got me to this point. Are all of us PR people just too generic-smiley? Should we throw a dash of a frown somewhere? Or a bit of a consternation-type look?

In truth, there are off-times when you can catch PR people in their most honest of expressions. By far, the best comment I got from a journalist about another PR person, was: "Why does (he / she - gender unspecified to protect the innocent) always look so constipated?" See... we do know how to have another expression other than "smile."

So here's another leaf to go into my retirement plan, one day once I'm out of this industry, I'll write a book titled "Wipe that smile off your face - how PR people can use facial expressions other than smiles to communicate."


Will said...

You are CUTE man!

aiks -__-"
so GAY

davidlian said...

@Will: I always knew my mom was onto something when she said I was handsome.

.: Ya Hui :. said...

hahahaha... food for thought for a PR student too. :D

davidlian said...

@ya hui: yups. Out of curiousity, where are you studying?

cursedangel said...

interesting post david =)

p/s: jayne gomes here. i worked as in intern at FH in 2006. hope everything is going well for u =)

davidlian said...

Hi Jayne, nice to see you! Yeah, everything's okay. Where are you at now?

cursedangel said...

im currently in perth doing my last semester. then il probably be going back to kl to look for a job.haha... heard u got married? congrats!!

davidlian said...

@Jayne: when you come back come look for me? Hahaha... we're always looking for good people.

cursedangel said...

lol thanks will do =)

somebody who is also in the pr line said...

one memorable comment i got from a journo was 'smoking drunk' look (not to me though) :p