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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beta Testing the new Maybank2u

Maybank2u is getting face-lift, and if you're lazy to read further - I'm just going to say it here: I like it.

Maybank2u version 1 - Share on Ovi
Cluttered, unappealing - but works.

And then to this:
Maybank2u version 2 - Share on Ovi
Tabs remind me of Chrome, Firefox and Facebook - what's there not to like.

Here's the long story: recently, I was invited to preview and take for a beta test the new Maybank2u website and post my feedback. Why I was selected befuddles me, but hey, I do use online banking facilities, so maybe I can comment as a customer.

Being a beta test, I can tell you the site's still plenty buggy and a couple of other people experienced the site crashing a couple of times with a dump of text we didn't understand, but I guess that's not important.

What's more important is the design and layout of the site which I think has improved by leaps and bounds. If you surf over to Maybank2u today, you'll see a veritable mess of clutter, clutter and more clutter than you need for a lifetime. In fact, it's one of the great turn-offs that's put me off being a Maybank user for a long time.

Which brings me to the new interface. From the screenie above, you'll see its been cleaned-up and tabbed-up. I love the way the new tabs help organise the many, many options you'll see on screen. It's much easier on the eyes. For once, someone gets the value of empty space instead of just fillin'er up with "information."

The second most important thing to me was the almost zero use of fancy flash animation. That's right, zero pretty flash that clogs up your memory and causes crashes - sometimes. I'm here to do my banking, so let's just leave it at that.

On the overall, I do like the new Maybank2u interface and it seems to be on-par with other more famous sites - like Citibank and HSBC. I think while the change has been a long-time coming, its better late than never. So, two thumbs up to Maybank. Here's hoping your customers like the interface as much as I do.


Simon Seow said...

That's why I switched to RHB Online. Now that Maybank is revamping, I might consider to reactivate it.

naeboo~ said...

never liked maybank. they charge too money for a bunch of nonsense. i hate them

davidlian said...

@simon: Good on you. I'm actually a heavy CIMBclicks user and they aren't bad too.
@naeboo~: Well, maybank2u is free so at least this part of Maybank is doing something right. But, then again, crappy interest rates makes me not wanna invest there.

Tim said...

Don't care what the site looks like as long as they finally make it work in Opera, and shorten their maintenance times - seriously being down from 12am - 6am DAILY is not acceptable in this age.

davidlian said...

@Tim: good observation. But to be fair, CIMBclicks also doesn't work in the wee hours of the night (in my experience) so maybe these banks have a policy to stop all 'middle of the night' transactions?

Leona said...

stopping middle of the nite transactions , i think is actually for safety of users..middle of the nite is for sleeping la. anyways, r u sure m2u is free? i think there's actually an annual charge for using it...

Danny Foo said...

I know there's a monthly charge for corporate accounts. For personal accounts, I believe it's free.

davidlian said...

@leona: I'm pretty sure it's free at least for my savings account. It does make sense to have it free because it reduces traffic into their branches, and they still get to charge you fees for inter-bank transfers, bill payments and the such. :)

@danny: Yups.