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Friday, June 20, 2008

Going back to Windows XP

After a month of living with Linux on my yet un-named Eee PC, I've decided to switch back to Windows XP and give it a go.

Yeaps, I brought the Eee PC with me to Gold Coast

There's really only one reason for this and its that some applications on Ubuntu - particularly the Evolution email client - don't work well with the customised 1024 X 600 screen resolution on the Eee 900.

I'm hoping to see if Outlook or Thunderbird work any better on XP.

One thing that I did like about Linux was the fast boot times and faster shut down times. However, I've discovered nlite and a guide on how to install Windows XP without all the fat. The guy even claims a boot up time of just 17 seconds on his Eee PC. That, I'd like to see!

More reporting when I've done this - hopefully this weekend.


Simon Seow said...

Nice. Hope i can win the HP Mini.

PB said...

My baby pc (eeepc) is running linux on its original set up. Couldn't find anyone who could help me tweak it to look cool :P But it'll be good to know how yours performs with XP

davidlian said...

How to win? Darn... I also want to enter the contest.

davidlian said...

@pb: You can try installing eeebuntu from www.eeebuntu.org. That's what I did for mine, it's what gives it that fantastic apple-like interface.

But back to Windows for me, at least for the time being :)

Simon Seow said...

Here's how to win.

Tim said...

Wow I consder myself good at tech but even I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options there... and I'd be very afraid too if I omitted something and Windows didn't work without it.

the spy said...

i have embede your post here
i tried Goatha
with xp

davidlian said...

@simon: Thanks. Err...I hope I can compete.
@tim: That's why I just follow the guys guide. :) Some stuff are quite obvious to leave out - Windows Messenger (it's out of date and sucks to have pre-installed), MSN Browser (ditto), and other stuff we hardly use as consumers.
@the spy: Errr...okay.

joshuatly said...

Haha, i wanted to get one also! Just read some review about eeepc and hp mini, i think i would prefer hp mini than eeepc, but the thing i dont understand is why the benchmark mark shows that eeepc's mark is higher than hp mini? How is your comment?

davidlian said...

@joshua: Many people speculate its the crummy VIA processor the HP uses. I saw the HP and while it's solid and I love the keyboard, Vista does not agree with it. Also, the Eee is cheaper and smaller.

Ultimately, it comes to what you need / want.

Justin Koh said...

Nice link you have there.

The XP on my EeePC is also nLited but the good thing about your link is that it gives a very thorough walk through. I don't even know what are some of the options there. In the end, my XP took 1.1GB of HDD space.

The link you gave got the installation down to only 411MB, which is very impressive!

By the way, if you want to install Vista on it, try vLite. Good luck on that though. :)

PB said...

Thanks for the link David. Do I just install it over my existing installation or do I have to uninstall anything? Maybe I'd better not mess too much with it :P I read the link to the lite installation of Windows. Impressive! Dunno if I have the guts to try it out. :)

Will said...

hi david ....
I installed win xp on 7" eee pc b4 and I do think that the boot up speed will be around that range .... it was extreamly fast compare to our normal installation!
I am not using external disk drive but use a bootable pen drive!

davidlian said...

@justin: I ran into my first snag: I don't have a SP2 CD and my old SP1 won't boot with a external USB drive. :/ Looking to get this fixed soon, then will try.
@pb: Just install it over. I mean, it WILL erase all your information though, so you have to backup everything first.
@will: Sounds great. Just makes me more excited.