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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FireFox 3 Download Day today (err.. 10 am PDT, 17 June)

Download Day - English

Hello everybody, in case you haven't already heard, FireFox 3 is right around the corner (about 15.5 hours away). For Malaysians, this will be 1:00 AM Wednesday.

In case you haven't heard also, there's a community marketing online campaign going around encouraging people to download FireFox 3 en masse today (17 June 08) in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for most downloads in 24 hours.

Personally, I'm wondering how the FireFox community is planning to keep its servers up because at current count, 1,422,008 people have already pledged to download FireFox 3 within the first 24 hours its available. And I'll be one in queue.


The Ling said...

i pledged too...! can't wait to get my hands on it. pardon my ignorance, but when can we start downloading at malaysian time?

julian said...

The Ling - as David says, it's 1am tomorrow morning for us :0

davidlian said...

@the_ling: yeah! The more the merrier and the better firefox gets.
@julian: thanks :) I'll be awake tonight.

r.p said...

any complimentary gift for downloader? =D

if not, i dont even bother to download on that time coz of slower download speed?

Tim said...

Opera is still the best browser :)!!

I don't get the pledge thing though, doesn't FF always force update whenever a new version is available anyway?

davidlian said...

@r.p: It's an "experiment" with community marketing. If you see the point, then do it. If you don't see a point, then don't do it. As a PR person, I'm just interested to see how many people will be stoked enough to actually do it?

@tim: The pledge is to download within 24 hours of its release to help set a Guinness World Record. It's like, you make a conscious effort to go online so that you can get the latest version of Firefox at the appointed time.

Tim said...

Are there any benchmarks out comparign FF3 to Opera 9.5 yet?

davidlian said...

Not that I know of. But there were beta comparisons FF3 RC1 with OP 9.5 beta and Safari 3.1. Google it up.