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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Post!

This is also the sorry post. So I've kept myself a bit busy and also a bit secretive over the past week simply because of this little Happy I was working on. So here goes:

Yow Looi: Here's what you've been waiting for - time to change line?
ST & Mack: Sorry I've been slow on Utopia, Internet at home dieded and I've been to busy on Happy to spend any office time workin' the thievery trade.
Jason & Group James: Sorry about yesterday night, I really want to help with Water World, but it's just bad timing, I guess.
Lydia: Thanks for being patient. Won't come home late every night of the week again ok? Promise.

So what was it that was happening? Today we launched Happy - Malaysia's first no-frills mobile service. Basically, what this means is that Happy's got really good rates. For both short and long calls - 1 sen per second up to a maximum of 99 sen. Happy is able to offer these rates because they don't sponsor mega events, celebrities etc. or spend money to develop frilly services like caller ringtones etc. - just offering the simple "calls and SMS" deal. So I think Dad will so love this deal.

Okay, not going to take too much time posting here. You can read yourself. Check out www.happy.com.my tomorrow once the site goes live at 12:01 AM.

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