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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back on Twitter... Coz it's on my N95

A couple of months ago, I gave up on Twitter and joined Jaiku because of a cool S60 app that Jaiku had that meant I could post updates whereever I was from my Nokia N95.

Well, today I discovered a cool little Java app that runs on my N95 just as well and allows me to do essentially what the Jaiku app did and more! Add that to the fact that I have more friends and followers on Twitter (a grand total of 6) than I have on Jaiku, making the switch was a no-brainer.

The app name? Twibble!

All I had to do was surf over to http://www.twibble.de/ , download the app, install it, key in my user details and pronto - Twitter on my Nokia N95. I'm guessing it'll work with just about any S60 device out there.


Twibble lets you post your Twitters (they call it 'tweets' for some reason) via internet (3G, WiFi, whatever) or using Twitters' own proprietary SMS method. Even better, it's location aware and if you got GPS built-in to your device, Twibble will let you post your location too.

Haven't had any problems with Twibble in the 20 minutes I've fiddled with it and I really think it's a cool little app. If you've grown tired with Jaiku (coz it doesn't sync properly!) then try out Twibble and switch back to Twitter for a change. :)

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