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Friday, June 29, 2007

Rehearsal Pics

Louis has posted pictures of my wedding rehearsal yesterday up on his newly setup blog. Welcome to the world of blogging, Louis!

So, to give him a bit more traffic, instead of posting the pics up here on my blog, I'm gonna link you to his site: http://louisphotography.blogspot.com

Here's one preview pic:


Linus Linnaeus said...

Dear Friend,

As the day fast approaches...and you are tightening the planning....here's a reminder to lay back abit and actually enjoy the event that is your wedding....i wish you every happy moment...you and your bride to be look very happy and that's the way it always should be....

much much regards....


davidlian said...

Linus, thanks!

Really, really looking forward to 777 at this point of time.

I will enjoy the event, you can be sure of that. :)