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Friday, November 20, 2009

PM improving on Twitter. Okay, just a little.

Perhaps we've been cruel in laughing at our PM's twitter account. Arguably, it's justified. Following only one twitter account. Not engaging people. Tweeting his schedule and generally nonsensical stuff no one's interested in listening to.

Today, I'm pleased to say he's improving. At least he's started replying people.

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Ben Israel said...

oooo... scary! You're on the watch list now ;)

KY said...

watch out, david lian! lol

davidlian said...

@Ben & KY: I think got some cars tailing me this morning. Some big black...Exoras.

Gray said...

actually, the last one "...generally nonsensical stuff no one's interested in listening to." is an improvement to simply tweeting his timetable. he's also crossposting from Flickr, which is pretty interesting.

yeah following only 1 person IS boring. but such an important person as himself following another is it not a bit like endorsement?

also, that was probably his second (ever) reply, an improvement nonetheless. maybe after getting mention from @Biz?

Chingy said...

Omggg! FInallly!! Haha.