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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are Malaysians really all that "online"?

The New Straits Times published a survey by Nielsen that quoted impressive figures such as "85% (of Malaysians) got on their computers compared to 77% who turned on their TV".

The immediate reaction any internet-evangelist (like me) would get would be - "Wow! Internet's taking off for real."

Source: New Straits Times, 8 Jan 2009

Until you read further on down and discover that the source for the analysis and numbers is an "online survey, conducted last September."

I feel a little cheated by the headline and nifty graphics now. We've not turned the curve of technology and web-savviness. With a broadband penetration of just 18% (same article) how representative is this 500 people who went online and clicked through the survey? I'm willing to wager that we still have way more TV watchers than netizens. Anyone wanna run that survey?


Danny Foo said...

The beauty of misleading headlines. :P Until you come to the fine print. LOL!

The 500 people could be from 1-2 corporations or government bodies during work hours. LOL!

davidlian said...

@Danny: Agreed! And here I thought we'd reach a new milestone as a K-economy. Happy new year to you!

KY said...

there're 3 types of lies

normal lies
white lies

davidlian said...

@KY: Wait...are you saying the millions of taxpayers money a year we pour into generating statistics is practically worthless?

KY said...

in short, mostly yes. lol

davidlian said...

Hmmm...credible also wor.