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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because it matters to you

Had a chat with someone the other day about the purity of blogging.

"We used to blog what we felt," she said. "Blogging was a way to make friends, and express ourselves." Now, it seems like all we ever blog about are products and events.

The statement struck a chord with me. In no small way, I'm pretty much involved in "engaging" the social media for companies and most of these engagements are marketing driven. Clients love to see blog posts about their events, reviews about their products and generally nice comments about their company.

But somewhere along the way, in the rush to engage social media to sell the next product or market our brands, perhaps we're forgetting what made (personal) blogging such a lovely thing in the first place. To be sure, I'm not talking about news blogs (my friend at MyTechNews.info is a fine example), who's existence is to cover news about a certain industry or theme. No, I'm talking about those blogs that started out as a personal conduit for expression.

Like this one.

And I realise, you may read me for some of my personal views on social media or technology, and in the coming month, you might be shocked to suddenly see I've transformed into a "Daddy blog." Because that is what matters to me in the coming months.

I've included this picture of Lydia preparing for motherhood. Because it matters. From davidlian says...

But if you're looking for a social media lesson here. Don't fret. There is one. In our rush to get products, services and brands "covered" and "exposed" on social media, don't forget the driving force of what makes "social" social is because we blog about what matters to us.

How do you make whatever it is you're communicating, matter to the social?

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