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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The post where I announce...

...that I'm a dad-to-be.

The news broke over Twitter a while a go and I made an announcement so at least "some" people can hear it first-hand for the first time.

So the vital facts are as follows:

  • The kid is about 10 - 12 weeks now.
  • Expected to be delivered in May. If we can hit May 22, then s/he'll share my birthday.
  • Names? We kinda like Josiah for a boy. I wanted to give some bimbo name like Tiffany if its a girl, but the wife violently objects.
  • Some people have been suggesting names though. Percival, Bambi, Optimus - and other wierd un-nameables coming up.
  • What if I just named he/she "Ah". Full name on passport? Ah Lian.
I've also started thinking up some goals for my kid. Serving God in church is a given, but here are some other goals / ideals all parents surely come up with:
  • If he's a boy, I'll introduce him to his first space marine when he's 6. By 7, we'll be playing chess with space marines and orks and he'll learn to hold a paint brush. I promise not to laugh at his pink space marines.
  • If she's a girl, I'll introduce her to her first space marine when she's 6. By 7, we'll be playing chess with space marines and orks and she'll learn to hold a paint brush. I promise not to laugh at her pink space marines.
Yeah, I have very varied goals for my kid.


suanie said...

congratulations :D

Niki Cheong said...

Couldn't be happier for you buddy.

Although, I'd rethink Optimus. I prefer something along the lines of Obiwan or Luke (isn't the latter Biblical?). :)

Or how about naming the child after me and go with Ah Lian Ah Beng. :D

davidlian said...

@Suanie: Thanks!
@Niki: You're Cheong Ah Beng? SERIOUS?

beetrice said...

congrats "ah lian"! :D

David said...

K fine, if its biblical you want, here, take the name I initially wanted for my son: Nebuchadnezzar.

blogjunkie said...

1st, congrats again

2nd, I totally understand where you're coming from for your kid's life goals. I personally want to teach my own kid HTML by 5 yrs and hope that s/he invents the next Google by 18 yrs old

Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Congrats :)

It seems a bit far for me to think about kids, maybe I can give some pressure to Yuen-Yew for what you have achieved so far. :P


thatjames said...

Congrats. First time commenter here.
Nebuchadnezzar is a fine name for a kid. Short form Neb or Chad or Buck. LOL.

julian said...

Congrats! I like your approach to gender :)

KY said...

more importantly, have u bought a poken for the baby yet?!

Jeremy Woolf said...

Congrats David. I've always liked 'Jeremy' for either a boy or girl

Louis Png said...

I like Ah Lian.

davidlian said...

@beetrice: thanks
@David: I don't wanna give him a Bible baddie's name.
@blogjunkie: Saw your wife's whiplash on Twitter?
@YC: Haha...is he even married yet?
@thatjames: Welcome. What I said to David.
@KY: Thanks for reminding me. I'm gonna get him a Poken Pulse.
@Jeremy: If it's a girl, I doubt Jeremy will do.
@Louis: "Ah" will be the shortest name ever.

Ernest Wee said...

so absolutely love your plans you have for your children. hahaha. at least i know what to give to your kids when they grow. up. congratulations man.

Suffian said...

How about calling him Gabriel Angelos Lian(in case he becomes a captain of the Blood Ravens one day). In the event that it is a girl, you can amend the name to Gabriella. On a related note, I once considered 'Percival Cheah' as a pseudonym.

@blogjunkie Remember who to call when it's time to him to learn how catch air on a half-pipe.

chaborkia said...

omaigod David congratulations! take good care of Mrs Lian and the kid~

David said...

But but, Nebu isnt really bad. just misunderstood. Plus, it makes for a great 'my kid's bible name kicks your kid's bible name's ass' story.

just another PR practitioner said...

what about 'Hao Lian'? :p

Lee | Money4Invest said...

Congratulation to you. Take good care and God Bless Your family.

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