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Friday, September 25, 2009

Pimp my broadband - an actual idea!

Disclosure: I have previously worked on projects with DiGi prior to this, including the launch of DiGi Broadband earlier this year. They are not currently a client at the time of this writing.

So, then why am I writing this? Because a good friend of mine asked me if I'd share an opinion about how I think broadband can be improved and submit it for this contest. And I actually have a pretty good idea (so I think). Also, I AM extremely tempted by the prizes offered in the pimpmybroadband contest, so... consider this an entry!

In case you don't get it, what I'd like to have to pimp out my broadband is ONE service that covers both my mobile broadband needs and desktop / laptop broadband needs. So, I don't have to pay for one service to get the convenience of the dongle, and one more for my mobile. If you really want to do broadband right, give us this option (soon, I hope!)

Would you like a service like this too? Vote for me! :)


KY said...

HAHAHAH u so ridiculous david lian!

davidlian said...

I want to win mah....Remember the last contest I won?

Joshua said...

Ur hair damn keng tim! lol! Thumb up for you.

noname said...

There's a video "Matrix runs on Windows XP". A similar concept which covers the common problems like bandwidth issues, rapidshare blocking, peak time traffic, wireless reception, etc would be funny and meaningful. It can be based on Matrix, or a James Bond type story. James Bond seems to have a super fast internet connection. But imagine him using our Broadband... "Darn, we lost the cable connection to Taiwan" (proceed to using dial-up and use the dial up modem sound). Or "Darn I'm out of 3G coverage (proceeds to find McDonalds or Starbucks for Wi-fi) Or in a middle of the mission trying to get updated information (Googling over EDGE) or try to upload videos to London (KL) and have to wait 1%, 2%.... 100%.