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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nerds & Jocks: The great conflict of our time

Excellent speech by John Hodgman (The PC in the Apple ads) during the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner. I'm sure he had nerds rooting for him all the way.

Underneath the comedy though, I do think he's touched on a topic that's brilliantly real. As much as you think race is a divider, the philosophies between Jocks and Nerds are real. We think differently. We have fights in school. We sit apart at the canteen. And when we grow up, well... let's just say we hang out with our own kind.

Okay, maybe that's just the elitist in me talking.


Nicholas Leong said...

That was 14 minutes of speech that I did not mind sitting through. :)

davidlian said...

Indeed. I'll only post the good stuff, rest assured.

ashleighhhh said...

great video. revenge of the geeks? lol