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Friday, February 27, 2009

Why I try my level best to go home early

Because, if I don't go home early, I can't cycle.
If I can't cycle, I'll get fat.
If I get fat, I'll weigh more.
If I weigh more, my fuel consumption will increase.
If my fuel consumption increases, I will spend more on petrol.
If I spend more on petrol, I have less to spend on other things.
When I have less to spend on other things, it means I'm poor.
If I'm poor then... wait, I don't wanna be poor.

So that's why I need to go home early. Thank you.


KY said...

but u very rich davidlian! u're ze senior head honchooo

davidlian said...

Nonsense lah. I'm just a small fry lah. Next time you come over, I'll intro you to my boss.